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2010 Archive IAB News
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Article from IAB News | THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9th, 2010, AT 7:00 PM/ PST

Looking Forward To 2011!

As 2010 comes to a close, the IAB is looking forward to it's true official launch date of February, 2011. Although the IAB enjoyed success in early sanctioning of 2010 with events for Badge VS Badge as well as some Pro and Amateur Sanctioning, the actual launch of the organization is slated for February 2011.

Badge VS Badge ( ) Promoter Gary Shurley and his Stand Up Fighters staff already have plans to keep the Badge VS Badge promotions going strong. With 2 successful promotions in 2010, Shurley will be moving forward in 2011 without former partner Tom Gaffney who has decided to venture out on his own.

Plans for Badge VS Badge in 2011 include Bryan Williams fighting for the IAB Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters USA Heavyweight Title against Casey Johnson from Oakland, California. One of Bryan's fighters Skye Leibee could also be fighting for an IAB State title. For more info on the Badge VS Badge events you can contact Gary Shurley at (916) 532-7065.

Also on the board for 2011 is the IAB's welcome to Australia. The first IAB bout in the South Pacific will be on February 26th. The event is the Thunderlegs Promotions "THUNDERZONE V" which will be held at the Eagle Farm Racecourse in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The event will feature Pro Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA. The IAB could be sanctioning an IAB Australian title bout along with a couple of undercard bouts.

As for the Pro side of the IAB, we can't say who but the IAB is currently in the works with a high profile Pro Boxing Promoter here in the USA. When the deal is done the IAB will be the first to announce it right here on the IAB Pages.

Stand up Fighters promoter Gary Shurley will also be a part of another of IAB's new amateur divisions. In 2011 Shurley hopes to promote the first IAB Military Championships in California. An actual date and location are still in the works but the buzz from those in the Military is already exploding with potential contenders for IAB Military titles.

There is a lot of Amateur boxing news to report and a lot of Amateur boxing going on sanctioned by the IAB, so we will report on that in the coming weeks. For now, the IAB is looking forward to a Great Holiday Season and a Great 2011.

Article from IAB News | SATURDAY, AUGUST 14th, 2010, AT 1:40 PM/ PST

Results From Stand Up Fighters'
Badge VS Badge
August 13th, 2010 - Sacramento, California, USA

Badge VS Badge
Ends With Yet ANOTHER

As if the last Badge VS Badge event wasn't exciting enough, this time, Promoters Tom Gaffney and Gary Shurley stepped it up another notch! The excited crowd of Boxing fans was treated to 15 dynamic bouts in all. Celebrity ring announcer Tony "The Tiger" Lopez was also in his groove along with his co-announcer DJ, Marc Storm of Destiny Entertainment working the DJ announcement booth. Stor was without a doubt, one of the best voices we have hear around the world and we highly recommend him for any fight event! ((888) 244-0580).

In the end, the event ended with a "Devastating KNOCKOUT!" It came in the Main Event bout as defending IAB Badge VS Badge Amateur Heavyweight USA Champion Larry Ward, (22-1, CMF Prison) blasted Bryan Williams, (19-3, Fresno PD) with a left hook that rocked the world and sent Williams crumbling to the canvas. At 34 seconds of round one, this bout was over with a BANG! Word has it now that the 33 year old Ward may seek the Pro Ranks but this has yet to be fully confirmed.

In the other co-main event, it was the battle for the vacant IAB Badge VS Badge Amateur Super Cruiserweight Title between Jesse Ruelas of the Stanislaus Sheriff department against James Dorris of Folsom PD. In round one, Ruelas shocked the crowd as he knocked the favored Dorris down. Making the count, the round continued but Ruelas took the round 10-8. Rounds 2 and 3 were all Dorris though who won on all the judges cards 10-9. However, as you do the math, that's right, this one ended in a draw. We may see these two go at it again to see who finally gets to take that IAB Gold Home!

Here's the entire nights results in order.

    Juan Luna, (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-0/1, 160, 5'9", 12-9-78, Smashtime Boxing) defeated Will DaSilva, (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-1, 162, 5'6", 7-3-72, Wade Vierra & Ray Romero) by Knockout at 1:58 of round 2.

    Greg Eisert, Vacaville PD, West Sacramento, California, USA, 2-1/2, 164, 5'8", 3-18-79, Dion Pimento, defeated Miguel Archan, Fresno PD, (Fresno, California, USA, 1-2/0, 167, 5'9", 8-28-80, Jesse' Hernandez,) by Knockout at :26 seconds of round 1.

    Chris Miller, San Quentin Prison (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-0/1, 182, 5'8", 8-1-83, Greg Huertha) defeated Brandon Turner, Fresno PD (Fresno, California, USA, 0-1, 176, 5'11", 6-11-86, Jesse Hernandez) by TKO at 54 seconds of round 2.

    Robert Tamayo, San Benito Probation (Santa Clara, California, USA, 1-0/0, 151, 5'11", 12-17-83, Self) defeated Gualberto Castro, San Quentin Prison, Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 155, 5'7", Need DOB, Javier Servin, by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26 and 29-27.

    Cleon Jones, YCCOA (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-0/1, 240, 6'1", 11-21-69, Self) defeated John Afanasiev, Stockton PD, Stockton, California, USA, 0-1, 246, 6'2", 8-9-77, Barry Oaks) by TKO at 1:46 of round 1.

    Alfred Urbano, VA Fresno Police, Fresno, California, USA, 1-0/1, 196, 5'10", 1-17-83, Self) defeated Tony Veloz, Fresno Sheriff, Fresno, California, USA, 0-2, 192, 5'7", 9-1-72, Brian Williams) Knockout at :04 seconds of round 3.

    James Tidwell, Sacramento Sheriff, Sacramento, California, USA, 1-1/0, 185, 5'7", 2-9-76, Nasser Niavaroni, defeated Duke Juanitas, Folsom Prison, Folsom, California, USA, 0-1, 205, 5'6", 5-7-80, Shon Moore,) by unanimous decision.
    • (Although it was clear who won, and no doubt about it, the California Commission did not release the actual bout scores due to an issue with Judge Mike Tate's scorecard.)

    Skye Leibee, Fresno PD, 2-1/1, Fresno, California, USA, 2-1/1, 175, 5'9", 10-29-73, Bryan Williams, Pete Lopes) defeated Dennis Vargas, San Joaquin Police, Elk Grove, California, USA, 3-3/0, 167, 5'9", 7-18-86, Marcus Reaves & Steve Leese) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

    TJ Price, Sacramento Police, Plumas, Lake, California, USA, 1-0/1, 225, 6'3", 2-12-79, Alex Calvillo) defeated Matt Rooney, Lake County Probation, Lakeport, Caliofrina, USA, 0-1, 228, 6', 12-23-85, Aaron Johnson) by TKO at 1:20 of round 3.

    Bryan Swindler, (Lincoln, California, USA, 2-0/1, 178, 5'9", 6-4-56, Nasser Niavaroni) defeated Rick Bryson, (Folsom, California, USA, 3-4/0, 186, 5'10", 1954, Shon Moore) by TKO at :24 seconds of round 3.

    Sonny Gerber, Grover Beach Police, Grover Beach, California, USA, 2-1/0, 193, 6', 5-11-77, Eric Sondahl) defeated James Davis, Folsom Prison, Sacramento, California, USA, 1-1/0, 188, 5'10", 2-22-82, Roy Gray) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

    Chad "Don't Make Me Mad" Nelson, Folsom Prison, Placerville, California, USA, 1-1/1, 265, 6'2", Rick Bryson) defeated Anthony Dodge, CDC Susanville, Susanville, California, USA, 0-1, 281, 6'2", 5-22-73, Self) by Knockout at :29 seconds of round 1.

    Adam Zamudio, Fresno Sheriff, Fresno, California, USA, 1-0/1, 225, 6', 9-7-76, Matt Griess) defeated Michael Heller, Sacramento County Sheriff, Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 227, 5'11", 2-5-72, Mark Matthews) by TKO at :30 seconds of round 1.

  14. IAB Badge VS Badge Amateur Super Cruiserweight USA Title
    190.1 lbs. - 210 lbs.

    James Dorris, Stanislaus Sheriff, Ione, California, USA, 15-5-1/9, 194, 6', NEED DOB, Shon Moore) and Jesse Ruelas, Folsom PD, (Modesto, California, USA, *1-0-1/0, 209, 5'10", 1-19-75, Paul Mendoza) fought to a draw, 28-28 on all 3 judges cards.

  15. IAB Badge VS Badge Amateur Heavyweight USA Title *Defense
    210.1 lbs. - 230 lbs.

    *Larry Ward, CMF Prison Guard, (Sacramento, California, USA, 23-1/19, 213, 6'2", 10-26-76, Greg Huerta successfully defends his IAB Badge VS Badge Title over Bryan Willams, Fresno PD, (Fresno, California, USA, 19-3/7, 211, 6'1", 1-25-71, Peter Lopes by Knockout at 34 seconds of round 1.

After this last event, we can't wait until the next IAB Badge VS Badge event!
"Bring It On Tom & Gary!
"Bring It On"

Article from IAB News | MAY 24th, 2010, 12:10: PM/PST

IAB Officials To Review Footage From
Crowd Incident Today

Later today the IAB Commission Officials will be reviewing video footage of the incident that occurred at the end of the BADGE VS BADGE event at the Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USA this past Friday night. What the IAB will be looking for is a more clear description as to who may have turned the event from a verbal shouting match between CMF Prison Guards and members of the Oakland Police Department. The IAB has already confirmed at ringside the night of the incident that members of the Oakland Police Department were the ones who instigated the incident after it was clear to everyone their fighter, Casey Johnson of the Oakland Police Department was defeated by Larry Ward, a guard at California Medical Facility (CMF) in Vacaville California.

Despite what news agencies have been reporting, here are some facts already known;

  1. There were "NO" Punches thrown.
  2. This incident DID NOT Shut the event down. This happened after the LAST bout of the night and the event was basically already over.
  3. NO CHAIRS were thrown towards the incident. A YouTube video of the incident shows a chair being tossed aside as an individual tried to clear his way towards the action to stop it.
  4. This incident was NO FAULT of the event Promoters.
    If anything, the event promoters went above and beyond to assure this event had the proper sanctioning (IAB) and oversight for the rules and regulations (California State Athletic Commission) as well as the security required by the venue.

According to the IAB, the temporary ban placed on the Oakland Police Department had more to do with those members who were in the audience at the event and not necessarily the Oakland Police Department boxers who participated in it. However, if these fighters are going to have fans that "Clearly Instigate" such incidents, than the IAB says they will no longer allow them to participate on IAB Sanctioned events.

The investigation today will determine whether or not the IAB can determine WHO brought the incident to a "Physical" level with a push of another individual. They will also be listening to the comments and other actions surrounding the incident to help make a confirmed decision as to where the blame should be put. In addition, the IAB plans to work with both agencies to confirm names of individuals who ignored announcements to stop and sit down.

"We are handling this incident the exact same way Oakland PD, or any law enforcement agency would do if they were us and had tried to break up the same such incident." Said IAB Commission President Steve Fossum. "What we have here are individuals who ignored authority and acted as their own law, and we plan to pursue this just as they would. Just because they are law enforcement individuals does not mean they are above the law. However, this is how they acted during the incident. If the video shows any kind of physical assault, no matter how light, charges could indeed be filed against them."

Fossum also stated that the IAB is not against Oakland PD saying, "This was an incident where a few bad apples have made their department look bad in the publics eye. This should in no way reflect on the overall integrity of those fine officers and associates of the Oakland police Department. This is why we want to narrow this down to make clear who was involved in this."

He also noted that associates of CMF-Vacaville are not all innocent or ignored in this investigation. "There were quite a few fans and or associates of CMF that kept crowding up at ringside after being told to sit down over and over again. Who knows, if those associated with CMF stayed in their seats, this may have never happened."

The CMF fans and associates had moved from their chairs up to the side of the ring where their boxer Larry Ward's corner was which happened to be the very same side all the Oakland Police Department fans and members were sitting.

Oakland PD had already watched their other two fighters lose in earlier bouts so there was possibly a desired "Redemption" for their fighter Casey Johnson to beat Larry Ward. This too could have been a heated factor leading up to the incident.

Once the video review and discussion is over the IAB hopes to make a more clear determination as to where to move next in the incident. "Our goal is to be able to lift the overall ban on the Oakland Police Department and focus more on the actual individuals involved in the incident." Says Fossum.

A lot of the decision will be based upon how willing both agencies are to help out. "This will not be allowed to be a situation where we simply let the agencies discipline their own." Said Fossum. "I don't know of any law enforcement agency that allows any other group to do as such no matter how important they are. Can you imagine a law enforcement agency telling the leader of a street gang, 'Discipline this guy we caught assaulting this guy...' I mean lets be serious here. Sadly, some of these officers may have to witness what the other side of that badge feels like for their misconduct and failure to respond to the venue authority, that made a lot of fight fans unhappy that night."

The IAB next findings will be posted here soon...

Article from IAB News | MAY 22nd, 2010, 10:45: PM/PST


Photos Courtesy of CSS Photos -

It was a night of High Spirited PASSION as members from Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting agencies throughout California met toe to toe in the ring of battle to see who would be the BEST, BADGE VS BADGE!

CSAC Referee Ray Baleweicz raises the hand
of new IAB Badge VS Badge Champion Larry Ward
as event emcee, former 3 Time Boxing World Champion
Tony "The Tiger" Lopez looks on.

A total of 19 bouts, three of them IAB BADGE VS BADGE Title fights brought out the Passion among the fans and members of the various agencies more than any fight event we have seen in years! This may have been the inaugural event for the new IAB Organization but it was one of Thousands that the International Fight Sports association has sanctioned since 1992.

For the critics, they may want to focus on the Passionate shoving match after the main event that pitted Top Boxer Larry Ward of CMF Prison against Casey Johnson of Oakland Police Department for the IAB BADGE VS BADGE Heavyweight Title. This was a long awaited rivalry among not just Ward and Johnson but among the many members of their agencies in attendance. When the final bell rang it was clear to everyone in the house that Ward had won all three rounds and was on his way to receiving the IAB BADGE VS BADGE Title Belt until an unhappy Oakland Police Department member got into a shoving match with a member of the CMF Prison fan club.

This was basically a shoving match with no punches thrown and no one ever going to the ground but it was clear to everyone in the room that passionate tempers rose up and brought associates of both agencies to the action. Due to their protocol the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) Officials (Judges, Referees, Inspectors & Timekeeper) left ringside when the shoving broke out. Because of this, there was no official announcement of the winner. So the IAB sent someone back to speak with the CSAC Scorekeeper for an official answer as to the decision. The decision was no surprise as Larry Ward was awarded the IAB BADGE VS BADGE Heavyweight Title by unanimous decision over Casey Johnson.

The win brings the 33 year old Ward's amateur record to 22-1 while the also 33 year old Johnson dropped to 8-3.

Due to the incident the IAB has placed a temporary suspension on the Oakland Police Department from competing on an IAB Sanctioned event until a full investigation of the incident is completed with the help of video taken during the event. After the video review there may be certain individuals of the Oakland police Department that could face fines and suspensions for their actions during the shoving incident.

Although the crowd action after the Ward vs Johnson bout may be the most talked about by some, there was plenty of other exciting action to be remembered on the night. On the 15th bout, Chuck Pfau of Citrus Heights California (4-0, 186, 5'11", 39, Sacramento Sheriffs Department) took home the first ever IAB Title Belt. Pfau took home the IAB California State Cruiserweight Title when he defeated Sonny Gerber of Pismo Beach, California (188, 6', 33, Grover Beach Police Department) by TKO at :33 seconds of round 1.

Pfau's trainer Nasser Niavaroni is no mystery to the International Fight Sports Kickboxing division, the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation. Navaroni has been an IKF Hall of Fame trainer (1996) and has produced a vast number of IKF Kickboxing Champions. The most popular of them was Eric Regan of Citrus Heights California who won a host of Kickboxing Titles (World Champion, North American Champion, US Champion, California Champion) as well as Boxing Titles. Both Niavaroni and Regan were in Pfau's corner bringing him to victory.

IAB President Steve Fossum places the
IAB Badge VS Badge
US Super Middleweight Title belt around Champion
Shay Burke

Bout 18 was the quest for the IAB Badge Vs Badge Super Middleweight United States Title between Shay Burke of Petaluma, California (11-4, 162, 5'8", 30, Petaluma Fire Department) and Ricky Seward of Big Bear City, California (165, 5'10", 32, Big Bear City Fire Department). This bout went the distance and Shay Burke was crowned the new IAB Badge Vs Badge Super Middleweight Champion by unanimous decision.

Here are all the nights result in their bout order below.

  1. Wes Leffler (153, Ravondale Fire Station) defeated Joel Aylworth (150, Oakland Police Department) by unanimous decision.

  2. Craig Colosimo (175, CDC Mule Creek) defeated Stephen Odom (178, San Louis Obispo, Sheriff Department) by TKO at :57 seconds of round 3 due to injury. Odom injured his knee.

  3. Will DaSilva (162, Yolo County Sheriffs Department) defeated Jerry Ribeira (166, Oakland Police Department) by TKO at :59 seconds of round 1.

  4. Miguel Archan (169, Fresno Police Department) defeated Travis DeCampos (174, Sacramento Fire Department) by unanimous decision.

  5. Cijay Phakeovilay (177, VA Fresno Police) defeated Jason Cvitanov (172, Sacramento Sheriff's Department) by Split Decision.

  6. Kurt Thomas (172, Folsom Prison Guard) defeated Harpal Sing Doel (177, Stanislaus Sheriffs Department) by unanimous decision.

  7. Eddie Avila (168, Fresno County Probation) defeated Andrew Martinez (169, San Francisco Sheriffs Department) by unanimous decision.

  8. Greg Eisert (164, Vacaville Police Department) defeated John Palarca (167, Stanislaus Sheriffs Department) by TKO at 1:08 of round 2.

  9. Skye Leibee (173, Fresno police Department) defeated Jesse Arreola (169, Stanislaus Sheriffs Department) by TKO at :34 seconds of round 3.

  10. Ron Stot (Folsom, California, USA, 1-0, 183, 5'10", 36, California Highway Patrol, T: Richard Duran) defeated Robert Cordray (Galt, California, USA, 1-1, 179, Mule Creek Prison Guard, T: Greg Wherta) by TKO at 1:06 of round 1.

  11. Jesse Ruelas (Modesto, California, USA, 1-0, 220, 5'10", Stanislaus Sheriffs Department, T: Paul Mendoza) defeated Chris McElroy (Antelope, California, USA, 0-2, 213, 6', 34, 3-9-76, CSP Sacramento, T: Steve Leese) by split decision.

  12. Bryan Swindler (Lincoln, California, USA, 1-0, 180, 5'9", 53, CMF Prison Guard, T: Nasser Niavaroni) defeated Eric Angle (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 179, 6'2", 35, West Sacramento Police Department, T: Henry Rodriguez) by TKO due to injury at :16 seconds of round 1.
    Angle dislocated his shoulder.

  13. James Davis (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-0, 198, 5'10", 28, Folsom Prison Guard, T: Roy Gray) defeated James Tidwell (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 202, 5'8", 35, Sacramento Sheriffs Department, T: Horacio Barrera) by split decision.

  14. Francisco Flores (Modesto, California, 2-1, 140, 5'7", 24, Stanislaus Sheriffs Department, T: Ron Gibson) defeated Tim Strautman (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 138, 5'5", 24, Sacramento Police Department, T: Self) by TKO at 1:14 of round 1.


    Chuck Pfau (Citrus Heights California, USA, 4-0, 186, 5'11", 39, Sacramento Sheriffs Department, T: Nasser Niavaroni) defeated Sonny Gerber (Pismo Beach, California, USA, 1-1, 188, 6', 33, Grover Beach Police Department, T: Eric Sandahl) by TKO at :33 seconds of round 1.

  16. James Dorris (Ione, California, USA, 11-4, 206, 6', 34, Folsom Prison Guard, T: Shon Moore) defeated Chad Nelson (Placerville, California, USA, 1-1, 273, 6'2", 38, Folsom Prison Guard, T: Rick Bryson) by TKO at :35 seconds of round 3.


    Joseph Cruz (Vallejo, California, USA, 1-0, 176, 5'8", 57, CMF Prison, T: Tom Gaffney) defeated Anthony Tran (Elk Grove, California, USA, 0-1, 179, 5'9", 51, CMF Prison, T: Steve Tran) by TKO at 38 seconds of round 1.

  18. Steve Fossum and Badge Vs Badge Promoters
    Gary Shurley & Tom Gaffney
    Pose with the new IAB Badge Vs Badge Champion, Shay Burke.


    Shay Burke (Petaluma, California, USA, 11-4, 162, 5'8", 30, Petaluma Fire Department, T: Richard Lopez) defeated Ricky Seward (Big Bear City, California, USA, 5-7, 165, 5'10", 32, Big Bear City Fire Department, T: Marcos) by unanimous decision.


    Larry Ward (Sacramento, California, USA, 22-1, 216, 6'2", 33, CMF Prison Guard, T: Greg Huerta) defeated Casey Johnson Oakland, California, USA, 8-3, 224, 6'1", 33, Oakland Police Department, T: Joel Saldana) by unanimous decision.

This was a Great beginning for both the IAB and the BADGE VS BADGE organization! BADGE VS BADGE Promoters Tom Gaffney & Gary Shurley should be proud of what they have established as well as accomplished for Law Enforcement and Firefighters as they make plans now to not only host another event soon but also bring the BADGE VS BADGE promotion to other areas of California as well as across the United States.

This was clearly the start of something big with a successful promotional team that not only sold out the seated tickets but also sold all the standing room only space. Of the 19 bouts that took place, there could have easily been double that amount and because of that, this could easily become a two day event in the future. No matter what the plans are, and no matter how "Exaggerated" the stories are (Some news channels claim "Punches thrown" when NONE were!) about the shoving match was at the end of the event, BADGE VS BADGE is a success that has a bright future ahead. Knowing all this, you don't want to miss the next event!

For more info please contact Tom Gaffney at (916) 612-6865 or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Gary Shurley (916) 532-7065 or check out the website at

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