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Casey Johnson vs. Bryan "The Punisher” Williams
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Coming up on May 14th (8-3) Casey Johnson, Oakland PD and (19-3/7)

Bryan “the Punisher” Williams, Fresno PD, will enter the ring at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, California to fight for the IAB (International Amateur Boxing Organization) US Heavy Weight Title.  Former Title weight champion Larry “Psycho” Ward has gone pro, giving up the title, after coming out victorious in fights against both Casey Johnson back in (date) and Bryan “The Punisher” Williams  last August 13th, 2010 which some would say was a “lucky” KO. With 22 fights under his belt this will be Bryan “the Punisher” Williams final fight.  Not only are these guys out fighting crime in some of the most dangerous cities in California but they are spending  countless hours a day training, preparing and following strict diets for the fight on May 14th that will decide who claims the vacant title Larry “Pyscho” Ward has left behind.

Bryan “the Punisher” Williams  began his career working for the Sheriff’s Department and due to his developed reputation as a boxer it wasn’t hard keeping peace in the jail.  However after eight years of working for the Sheriff’s department, Williams craved more thrill and switched to Fresno PD where he has worked for 12 years.  Williams enjoys being of service to the public and personally can not stand criminals but what helps drive him to keep peace is the excitement of stopping crime.  As Williams says, “I want to be the first to get that guy.”

After an injury at work where Williams tore his ACL chasing down a suspect which put him on leave and due to Williams motivation for life and passion for excitement it wasn’t too long before boredom set in.  At this time Williams decided to turn his garage into a boxing gym.  After meeting some guys, the word got out about Williams desire to become a boxing coach.  The youth interested in boxing flocked his direction.  Williams now runs his program out of Fresno Kick Boxing Academy and has his own website: Williams program not only consists of boxing but also guiding troubled youth toward a more productive lifestyle. After fighting in the Police Olympics, Williams is very interested in Badge vs. Badge and fighting for the IAB US ranking for Title.  He say’s he is even more excited about winning a belt.

Although every fight is different, Williams hard core training  begins about two months before a fight.  Strengthening and conditioning two times a day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon  for a total of 3-3.5 hours a day.  His diet consists of fish, chicken and turkey with added carbohydrates to gain weight if needed. Divided into six meals a day: three full meals of 300 calorie diet each and three snacks ranging from 100-150 calories each.  Williams does not eat red meat, drink soda or alcohol.

Williams spoke to Casey once and says, he’s a humble guy.  He has watched his fight over and over again and says, that their styles are not similar.  Williams sees potential in Johnson and is not going to take him lightly.  His strategy is to take his time.  Williams says, “boxing is like poker, take it slow”.  A week before the fight Williams doesn’t like to be around his lady and subscribes to the superstition of refraining from sex.  He needs to push himself to a level mentally as if he’s fighting.  He runs the fight through his head.  Williams will watch tapes of Casey over and over documenting his every move.  He says, “I will dream about the fight and Casey, I will even think about the way he walks.”  To Williams it is all about studying and knowing your opponent as well as he knows himself.

Casey Johnson began his career  eight and a half years ago working for Oakland PD and has also been a member of the SWAT team since 2006.  Like Williams, Johnson loves the adrenaline rush of fighting crime and keeping peace on the streets.  Johnson has expressed his excitement for Badge vs. Badge and fighting for the IAB US ranking for Title.  His boxing talents have helped him in the line of duty.  Johnson explains a time after a car stop, the  passenger bailed and after a chase Johnson had to fight with the suspect not knowing that the guy had a gun in his pocket.  Johnson was able to get him in cuffs pretty quickly without having to pull out his own gun. 

Johnson has been in a total of 11 fights and begins his training four to five months before the fight.  Getting in the right mind set is very important to Johnson.  Training with his trainer who was a Golden Glove fighter three to fours times a week consisting of cardio, cross fit and weight.  Johnson sticks to a high protein and low carbohydrate diet.  He focuses on balancing out carbohydrates and protein.  Like Williams, Johnson does not drink alcohol but does not subscribe to Williams ideology of refraining from sex before a fight.  He has heard both sides of this superstition, that sex can also help to build up more testosterone.  Johnson says, “ I don’t plan to or not plan to.  Whatever happens, happens.”

Johnson says, he doesn’t know much about Williams personally but he has met him once and says he is a “cool, down to earth guy.” Johnson explains that Williams holds a good record and he shouldn’t be judged on his fight against “Pyscho” Ward where he got knocked out in the first round.  Johnsons strategy for the fight is going to be to use his jab when an opportunity presents itself and use his power shot.  He is going to stay pretty even face throughout the fight.  The night before a fight Johnson likes to keep his mind clear and stay focused on remaining calm.  He listens to music to help him stay calm.   Johnson is fun and has a good sense of humor.  After being asked how he will celebrate if he wins, he replies that he is going to go out dancing and “shake his ass.“  But more importantly the question of whether or not Casey Johnson will engage in sex before this fight, only he and the lucky lady will know…

Considering the IAB is currently the only sanction and body that ranks Law Enforcement and Firefighters in the country, this fight means a great deal to both Casey Johnson, Oakland PD and Bryan “the Punisher“ Williams, Fresno PD.  Bryan “the punisher”, with this being his final fight, would love to bring the title home to his town of residence in Fresno, but it wont be an easy victory with Casey’s equal drive to win, not only for a personal accomplishment but who ,just as much, would love to bring the title back to Oakland.  On May 14th one of these men will walk away the champion.  There is no doubt that this will be a battle of the badges, the only question remains is who will exit the ring carrying the US Heavy Weight Title.  Tell your friends, tell your family, bring your significant other and come find out on May 14th at the Radisson Hotel in the Badge Vs. Badge box-down! 


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