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Jesse Ruelas vs. James Dorris
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Back in August 2010 James Dorris, Folsom PD and Jesse Ruelas, Stanislaus Sheriff, entered the ring in Badge vs Badge Boxing  for The Super Cruiser Weight US IAB Title.   It was one hell of a fight that ended in a draw.  In addition to hyper extending his arm three weeks before the fight, Dorris believes he took Ruelas lightly, which is why Ruelas was able to knock him down last August.  Dorris apologizes for taking Ruelas lightly and promises to never do it again.  Dorris seems to be very confident and motivated to win as he says, “I feel that right now, in my life, I cannot be beat.  I have a three punch combo: mental, spiritual and physical.”  On the other hand, Ruelas being more humorous states, “I can’t wait to hang out with Dorris all day before the fight and I hope he doesn’t plan on punching me in the balls…” As the suspense has built over this last year, these two are coming back stronger and more pumped!  These men will once again enter the ring in Badge vs Badge on May 14th.  One of these men will walk away victorious in this rematch for the same title.  Although this title seems to mean a lot to both, Ruelas states, that either way, win or lose, he will be attending all you can eat and drink at Outback.

James Dorris has been a peace officer for 11 years.  He began his career in Contra County working for the Sheriffs Department where he remained for 5 years before switching to Folsom PD.  Dorris feels fulfilled each day being a police officer because the lifestyle is different and he gets to face new challenges on a day to day basis.  To this officer there is nothing more enjoyable than helping people and taking bad guys to jail.  Besides working to keep the streets safe for the public, Dorris runs his own gym, Lights Out Fitness, where he offers fitness programs and boxing training in Amador county.  Dorris trains yearly as he states, “I don’t take time off.”   To Dorris boxing is a constant learning process.  He trains six days a week.  Three of the six he trains with his coach doing technical work consisting of hard sparring, 12-15 rounds with other fighters. He likes to take on all weights  for a change of pace.  On the days without his coach, he conditions: anaerobic 16 three minute circuits with 30 second breaks.   As far as diet goes Dorris always eats healthy but as the fight gets closer he loads up on protein and will not eat carbohydrates after 5 pm.

When asked about his opponent Ruelas, Dorris states, “Jesse is a good guy.  I have no animosity toward him.  The motivation I get fighting Jesse is knowing he is a tough guy and I have no anger toward him.”  His strategy for this fight is to never take any fighter lightly as he feels he did in the fight against Ruelas last August that ended in a draw.  “All my losses were from guys who I took lightly“, Dorris says.  Dorris is not a big drinker and believes in refraining from sex the night before a fight.  Other than that he will not hold back from his or his wife’s desires.  It has become ritual before each fight for Dorris to call his wife while in the locker room where they say a prayer together.  This title means a great deal to Dorris and his family.  “If I can win a international title it will be huge, but above all I want to win for my family and coach.”  Dorris is a true family man with a heart for boxing. 

Ruelas has been a police officer for the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department for 13 years.  Other than taking joy in putting predators’ behind bars, since 1999 he has taught martial arts at Dynamic in Modesto.  Ruelas begins his training about 3 months prior to a fight.  When asked about his training regimen and diet Ruelas states, “I can’t eat what I want.  I can’t drink what I want. If I could say my training and preparation for a fight in one word it would be MISERY."  Ruelas coming from Mexican decent, has to cut out all Mexican food which doesn’t make him a happy camper.  He eats about every three hours, one meal being a “tuna boat” which is tuna in a half bell pepper.  He eats “clean”, tries to avoid carbohydrates and sticks to just protein at night.  Ruelas being a casual drinker does not see a need to cut out the alcohol in his three month training period when there is Michelob Ultra or sugar free Rebulls’ and vodka…  Ruelas is hilarious.  When asked about his opponent, James, he says,“ He is slick.  I knocked him down the first round  and that monster got back up.  Have you seen that guy? He’s huge!  I have to give him props because I hit him so hard my hand broke.  I’m not to sure if I should hit him that hard again because his head seems to break things…”  When asked about his strategy for the fight Ruelas states he is not worried because he just got the Zumba…the dancing game.  He says, “I’m just going to Zumba around him when he tries to tie me up.”

Ruelas calls himself a procrastinator and says that the night before a fight he is up all night worried about his weight.  While eating hot dogs wrapped in bacon during the interview Ruelas says, “ I do not refrain from sex before a fight.  The only person I have heard say anything about that is Muhammad Ali and I ain’t no Muhammad Ali…“  Chomping away, Ruelas is playful and funny but still determined to win so he can bring the belt to the Raider game.  Ruelas also shares that his martial arts has come in handy in the line of duty.  About 2 months ago Ruelas wrestled a gangster for a gun.  While Ruelas was peacefully having coffee and donuts, he recognized a suspect's face who had a warrant.  Since the jails were at capacity he was only going to confront the suspect and issue him ticket, but as soon as he leaned in to talk to him, the suspect had a facial expression that Ruelas had seen several times in his career and the fight was on. He apprehended the suspect and got him to give up his compact revolver without having to draw his own weapon.

Will Dorris’s year around training and efforts be enough to bring home the title and hold it high or will Ruelas’s positive and humorous sportsmanship conquer? Come find out on May 14th at the Radisson Hotel.  If Dorris comes out victorious you may see him get down on his knees and pray to God to thank him.   There is no question Dorris will cherish the moment.  For Ruelas, win or lose, there is no question he will enjoy his all you can eat and all you can drink at Outback.


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