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Matt Rooney vs. Chris McElroy
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Matt Rooney, a Lake County Probation, is matched up with Chris McElroy, California State Prison Sacramento, to fight on May 14, 2011. Both Matt and Chris are 0-1 and fighting for their first win. Both fighters will weigh in at 220lb.

Chris McElroy works as a correctional officer at CSP (California State Prison.) When asked about what he enjoys most about his job he laughed hysterically, paused then said, “I enjoy the challenges of everyday. In my profession there is something new everyday.” he trains regularly and remains in shape lifting weight year around. McElroy maintains a healthy diet and only drinks alcohol occasionally. He trains at Roseville Powell working with some guys there. When asked about his opponent, Rooney, he states, “He looks like a pretty tough guy. I feel good about this fight. We shall see.” His strategy for the fight is to not take Rooney lightly, come out confident, and do what I can.” A win would mean a lot to McElroy as he says, “it would be a nice pay off for hard work.” As far as celebration goes McElroy plans to spend the night with friends and family who attend the fight. McElroy’s last fight on May 21st of last year was a loss against Jesse Ruelas in a split decision. Overall, McElroy remains calm and confident.

Matt Rooney works at Lake County Probation as a juvenile correctional officer. When asked what he enjoys the most about his job, Rooney chuckles and says, “I’ve been trying to figure that out for the last four years, but in all seriousness it’s important to help the juveniles out and try to keep them off the streets and out of trouble as much as possible.” Rooney enjoys sports and on his off time he has spent most of his time coaching middle school basketball at Upper Lake Middle School although due to changes in his work schedule he hasn’t been able to coach as much as he likes. Rooney believes that fighting for Badge VS Badge has been not only been an awakening experience but an amazing event and a lot of fun. To prepare for the fight Rooney hit’s the gym 5 days a week for about 2 hours a day. He has cut down on carbohydrates and completely stopped drinking soda. He trains at Fight Sport Fitness and also at one of his buddy’s gym. He has been spending a lot of time working and training with other amateur boxers. When asked about his opponent, McElroy, Rooney remained calm and said he didn’t know very much about him and that he is not very worried about it. He goes on and says, “I’ll show up to fight and have a good time with it.” Win or lose, Rooney will box hard. He states, “I’ll even take a punch or two and learn from my mistakes.” Rooney lost his first fight August 14th of last year against TJ Price where he then proceeded to the next best thing, Hooters. “But that was when I was single!” Rooney exclaimed. We all know nothing cheers you up faster than some hot wings and cleavage. “ Win or lose this next fight will be celebrated with my friends and family.”

If McElroy wins, his hard work will pay off, but if he loses will his confidence remain? On the other hand if Rooney wins, who knows where his celebration will take place, but if he loses, will Hooters be enough to turn this fighter’s frown upside-down?


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